5 Running Apps for iPhone, iPad & Android Devices

Running or Jogging is one of the most popular and necessary forms of fitness activity. It appears appealing because it does not cost or appear heavy on the pocket and can be started at any time. Regular Running and Jogging have an impactful advantage on our health and fitness. It strengthens our muscles, Improves cardiovascular fitness, and burns plenty of calories. It has another impact on our body like it improves mental health and in turns improves the quality of life.

Below are the 5 Quality apps one can use during Running to keep track of calories burnt. They have many other advantages which make them a must-have app on mobile.


RunKeeper is an app that helps users track their runs by tracking distance, pace, calories burned, and more. It has a variety of features, such as GPS tracking, automatic uploads, and social sharing.


MapMyRun is another popular running app that allows users to track their runs with friends. Users can also share their progress with others through Facebook and Twitter.

Strava: Run, Ride, Swim

Strava is another popular running app that allows users to track their runs using GPS data. This means that when you run, you can see how far you ran, what speed you were going, and even where you went. You can also share your runs with friends through social media.



It have a very sleek interface with all the necessity feature required for running app

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